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Jessica Phoenix: Mama, Artist, Light Worker.

Jessica realized her potential to help others when she was very young.  One of her strongest memories as a Massage Therapist dates back to junior high, while riding on the school bus to an athletic event. A friend of hers was suffering from a headache, and instinctively, Jessica had her friend lay down on the seat so she could massage her temples, head and neck. There was no going back after that, as friends and family continued to request help with their aches and pains, taking full advantage of Jessica's innate healing abilities. Even still, she never considered massage as a career, until decades later. 

Jessica encompasses an artistic, wandering spirit that has always conflicted with the idea of one career or staying in one place.  She attended the University of Kansas, in attempts to pursue a degree in visual arts, but felt trapped within the confines of Academia. She worked many years as a professional Floral Designer along with other retail jobs, including Visual Merchandising and various forms of Store Management. She moved around frequently during her 20's and eventually chose to settle back into Lawrence, Kansas to raise her son. In 2007, Jessica received Massage Therapy certification, and has been practicing professionally, ever since.
Throughout the Years, Jessica Became increasingly interested in the dynamic and transportive healing powers of Aromatherapy. She began blending her own massage oils and aromatherapy sprays, and as a result, Lilac Moon Apothecary was born. Clients can now enjoy uniquely crafted massage oils and custom blended aromatherapy products at home, work, and on the road. As an Avid Gardener, Jessica Grows Organic Medicinal Plants in her Backyard for Use in Massage Oil Infusions. You Will Benefit From This Work as She Incorporates These Oils into Every Massage Session. 

In 2018, she received certification in Cupping Therapy, and became certified in Color Therapy in 2019. In Late Spring of 2021, Jessica took a Sojourn to the Valley of the Sun, where She immersed Herself in Heat, Sunlight & Meditation, while Completing Master Level Certification in Reiki. Jessica Strives to Listen to Spirit in Order to Cut Through the Noise & Distractions of Modern Life.  She is Always Working to Become a Better Person so She can Continue to Help Others.  Jessica Dedicates Her Life to the Cultivation of Peace & Wellness, and is so thrilled to be sharing these Ancient Healing Arts with you. Jessica's work can best be described as intuitive, integrated and deeply therapeutic. Her strong hands and gentle nature leave clients feeling relaxed and revived. She is often praised for her Deep Tissue Massage and Powerful Energy Work. Book Your Session Today, and Jessica will Help You Peel Back the Layers that No Longer Serve You. Reveal the Best Version of YOU at Lilac Moon Apothecary.