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Aura Mist Collection 30ml

One 30ml bottle of each Aura Mist. (7 total) 

Excite your senses with the Aura Collection. Inspired by Chromotherapy & Chakra Healing, the Aura Collection was designed with healing in mind.  Use Aura Mist in your home, office, and during yoga & meditation.  

RED: Root + Strength + Passion

ORANGE: Sacral + Sweetness + Sensuality

YELLOW: Sola + Self-Love + Personal Power

GREEN: Heart + Warmth + Compassion

BLUE: Throat + Voice + Purification

INDIGO: Third Eye + Clarity + Wisdom

VIOLET: Crown + Gratitude + Awareness

ingredients: distilled water, witch hazel extract, essential oil blend, vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil.

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