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Ceremonial Incense

Limited Quantity Available.

Handmade 100% Natural Incense Cones, for use during Meditation & Energetic Cleansing Practices. 

-Frankincense & Myrrh

-Lavender & Sage

-Juniper, Frankincense & Lavender

Each Set Comes with assorted 15+ Cones & 1 Roll of Quick-Light Charcoal (10pieces)

  Burn Time exceeds 1 hour Plus! 

Only for use in Fire Proof Containers.  Please Use Caution as Charcoal Gets EXTREMELY HOT. Protect any Surfaces with an Insulated Wood, Fabric or Hot Plate. (Oven Mitts work great if you wish to move Incense Burner from Room to Room) Light Charcoal disc and wait for it to completely Ignite. (Sparking May Occur). Carefully Place Incense Cone on the top, center of charcoal disc.  Smoke will begin to form as the Incense releases its fragrance. Use In a properly Ventilated Area. Enjoy! XO

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